Rick Vorndran (director) has worked with Dysfunctional Theatre as a playwright and director since 1999. Plays he's written (and sometimes directed) include: I Am Star Trek, How to Have the Ultimate Orgasm Each and Every Time, Control Freaks In Love, Michelangelo, Renaissance P.I., and Please Please Please Love Me. Other plays he's directed include Suzanne Bachner's workshop of Bite; Paul Wells' Hoover, A Love Story and Vampire Stewardesses From Hell!!; Larry LaJoie's Goodbye My Brother, Matt Grzybowski's Untitled Farce, and Andrew Shepherd's Whispers in the Wood. Recently, I Am Star Trek was staged to critical acclaim at the 2000 New York Fringe Festival and the 2001 & 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals (by Skullduggery Theater). Rick was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, where he performed, directed and wrote for Broom Street Theater.