Dysfunctional Collective 2017

This summer Dysfunctional Theatre returns to Governor’s Island for our third summer of transforming House 8B on Nolan Park into a grab box of art, poetry, dance, theater and song.  Each week new works will be offered. Stop by weekends May 6th through September 30th between 12pm – 5pm to explore the house and experience art created by New York City independent artists for the public.  Have your picture snapped, hear a song, see a short play and explore the house with us.

To get to Governor’s Island you’ll need to take the ferry! For departure times and locations as well as more information about Governor’s Island visit: www.govisland.com. Once you’re on the island we’re easy to find, follow the signs to Nolan Park! Our house is marked on the map below. Click to enlarge!

The Dysfunctional Collective Summer 2017 Schedule

 Abstract Landscapes – Weekends in May
Capturing the distinctive natural features through terrain and color, this series draws its inspiration from the opposing landscapes of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia and California’s Death Valley. By layering these variations, new patterns emerge, reinforcing those that exist naturally in the landscape, and create an abstract atmosphere based on the texture of the location.


 Bobby Oahu – May 7, 21, 28 and June 4, 11, 25

Appearing at Governor’s Island for the second time, Bobby Oahu (Josh Hartung) takes his act out of the lounge and onto the porch!  Yes, that Bobby Oahu!  The one you’ve heard about when people say, “who else is playing?” or “did we actually pay for this?” or “that poor ukulele!”  Bobby Oahu (vocals and ukulele abuse) will also be joined on vocals by his ex-wife Shirley (Nicole Lee Aiossa) and a rotating cast of musicians, whenever they get out of bed on time or their medication wears off.  You lucky, lucky people.


 The Bacchae – May 13 June 17 , 18 with Performances in September
The end men look for cometh not/And a path is there where no man thought. When the world is mad, does embracing madness make you sane?   Over the course of the summer an all-female cast of singers, dancers and actors will reimagine the ancient Greek drama about the war between freedom and control.  Come back all season long and watch a powerful new vision emerge, culminating in two weekends of performances in September when the whole house will be transformed. The world is blind./Thou and I can see… These crooked matters may even yet be straightened.


 Dysfunctional Swingers – May 14 and June 4

Learn about the exciting, jazzy world of swing dance with The Dysfunctional Swingers:  Emily Edwards and Brendan Patrick McGlynn, with special guest appearances by Bryce Weinert. Visit and receive a free introductory swing dance lesson and demonstration! The Dysfunctional Swingers will be dancing all season long to those sweet big band sounds. Perfect for all ages and dance levels! For more information, visit our fb page at facebook.com/dysfunctionalswingers


 I Heart Show-tunes – May 14, 27 and June 3, 4, 10, 11, 18, 24, 25

Downtown princess and Broadway geek Mel DeLancey sings her favorites from the genre. In her “Show-tuned out” living room you’ll rediscover standards from the musical theater cannon with both historical context and modern perspective.


 Metrostitchers – May 20

On May 20th The Metrostitchers will gather at House 8B to share their work with the public. The Metrostitchers is a group of residents of New York City (and nearby environs) who gather frequently to carry on the art of needlework. On display will be works by members both finished and in progress. We’ve been stitching together for over 20 years now – we invite you to come sit and stitch with us. Supplies will be on hand for those interested in learning a new skill!


 Useless Creations – May 28 and June 3, 4

Useless Creations creates useless things, like t-shirts hand printed in NYC with original, uniquely useless, designs. Visit http://useless.nyc for examples. Or don’t.


 Safe Distances – June 17, 18 and 24, 25

When we’re kept apart, no space is safe. But we can all be given the room to see each other clearly. “Safe Distances” is a place to try and close this divide. The shape of America and the world, fragmented but with all its pieces there, will cover the walls, letting visitors see beyond. Inside these frames, poet and host Adam McGovern will put up poems about the places he’s been, and welcome writings and mementos from others about where they come from. Within each outline, filling up with words, pictures and items about that place, a map of what we have in common and how our lives connect may form. At times Adam will read his poems aloud, welcome others to do so, and foster talks on feelings we all understand, or will.

 The Paper House – Weekends July 29 – August 20

A paper playhouse for kids of all ages!

 Miss Jane Periwinkle – September 9, 10, 16, 17

An interactive murder mystery!