Dysfunctional Collective 2018

This summer Dysfunctional Theatre returns to Governor’s Island for our fourth summer of transforming House 8B on Nolan Park into a grab box of art, poetry, dance, theater and song.  Each week new works will be offered. Stop by weekends May 6th through October 28th between 12pm – 5pm to explore the house and experience art created by New York City independent artists for the public.  Have your picture snapped, hear a song, see a short play and explore the house with us.

To get to Governor’s Island you’ll need to take the ferry! For departure times and locations as well as more information about Governor’s Island visit: www.govisland.com. Once you’re on the island we’re easy to find, follow the signs to Nolan Park! Our house is marked on the map below. Click to enlarge!

The Dysfunctional Collective Summer 2018 Schedule


The Feminist Agenda – Saturdays & Sunday in May and June

**Sunday May 6th only** knitting demonstration & discussion, 2-4pm

The Feminist Agenda is a Dysfunctional Theatre protest art exhibit about the current state of affairs for women in today’s society. The exhibit has two aspects: One…a room where visitors can surround themselves with the words of strong women for inspiration and strength. The second, a room that focuses on the #MeToo and #TimesUp stories of women with accompanying photographs by photographer Cary Davis. With an emphasis on diversity and intersectionality, and by encouraging guests to anonymously share their own experiences, we hope to provide a safe space for stories, reflection and open dialogue.

I ♥️ Show-tunes – May 19 & 20, June 2, 9 & 16

Downtown princess and Broadway geek Mel DeLancey sings her favorites from the genre. In her “Show-tuned out” living room you’ll rediscover standards from the musical theater cannon with both historical context and modern perspective.

 Bobby Oahu – May 20, June 3 & 10

Appearing at Governor’s Island… yet again,  Bobby Oahu (Josh Hartung) takes his act out of the lounge and onto the porch!  Yes, that Bobby Oahu! The one you’ve heard about when people say, “who else is playing?” or “did we actually pay for this?” or “that poor ukulele!”  Bobby Oahu (vocals and ukulele abuse) will also be joined on vocals by his ex-wife Shirley (Nicole Lee Aiossa) and a rotating cast of musicians, whenever they get out of bed on time or their medication wears off.  You lucky, lucky people.

Dysfunctional Swingers – May 20, June 10, June 24, September 9 – Friday Night Swing Dance Parties on June 29 and September 14!

Learn about the exciting, jazzy world of swing dance with The Dysfunctional Swingers: Emily Edwards and Brendan Patrick McGlynn, with special guest appearances by Bryce Weinert. Visit and receive a free introductory swing dance lesson and demonstration! The Dysfunctional Swingers will be dancing all season long to those sweet big band sounds. Perfect for all ages and dance levels! For more information, visit our fb page at facebook.com/dysfunctionalswingers

 The Tempest – July 7, 8, 14 and 15, with late night Fridays to be announced!

Directed by Rachel Grundy – Featuring: Craig Anderson, Holly Kay Benedict, Adam Files, Mim Granahan, Josh Hartung, Charlotte Herzog, Khaseema Jeter, Tucker Johnston, Quincey Krull, Alex Mikoulianitch, Hayden Moore, Sarah Mullins and Roman Alec Trevino.
In a magical world, where does fantasy end and reality begin? And whose reality can we trust?

Join us for a unique production of The Tempest, where each storyline will play out in real time in the rooms of House 8B in Nolan Park. Follow your favorite character, or meander through the events of the play and discover your own version of this iconic late work by William Shakespeare. 

 Dysfunctional Collective at the NYC Poetry Festival – July 28th & 29th

The artists of the Dysfunctional Collective are happy to be a part of this year’s New York City Poetry Festival! Roving poet performers, including Prospero from The Tempest and Greenwich Village legend Edna St. Vincent Millay will give impromptu, intimate performances to guests all over the Island. Plus:

Sunday 1-1:30 on the Poetry Brothel stage – readings by Raymond Nat Turner, Madelyne Montes, Yelena Tylkina, Adam McGovern

Sunday 1:30-2:30 on the Poetry Brothel stage – “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Slang” a workshop on the intersection of music, dance and poetry, presented by the Dysfunctional Swingers.

  This is Not a Torture or an Engine an immersive theatrical production – July 28, 29, August 4 and 5

By Erin Bregman – Directed by Maryanne Olson – Featuring Stephanie Cox-Williams, Silvia Dionicio, Linus Gelber, Gavin Starr Kendall, Amanda LaPergola, Roger Nasser, and Brandon Pierre

Smith just wants to keep his sister Dora safe from the outside world but the gods Ayla and Matthius have plans of their own. Come lose yourself in the murky world between mortals and immortals in this soundscaped adventure through stories and myths you know, kidnappings, bureaucratic systems, and torture by snowball.

This performance is appropriate for children ages 8 and up.

 The Miss Jane Periwinkle Mysteries – August 11, 12, 18 and 19

When Miss Jane Periwinkle is invited to a party, you can be sure there is a MURDERER close at hand! The nosy mystery writer returns to Nolan Park this summer with an all new adventure.  Join us in a simpler time of flappers, prohibition … and murder! Be a guest at the party and see if you can solve the case before Jane!

 Death Star Disco – September 

Presented by artists Naima White and Hannah Suzanna

 On the edge of/a cure – September 15, 16, 22 and 23 (open readings and workshops)

Julia Lee Barclay-Morton’s newest stage text, On the edge of/a cure, is inspired by the #metoo movement, which has given rise to a world in which silenced voices can now be heard. On the edge of asks how can we speak the unspeakable? Especially that which manifest as body memories – maybe a snapshot or two – too real to ignore but resisting coherent narrative? Who will believe you? If no one believes you, how can you believe you? If you can be heard, will you find a way to speak? A way to heal?