Horse Trade Presents
A Dysfunctional Theatre Company Workshop Production

A Satirical Tale about God & Country
written & directed by Rick Vorndran

A simple girl, tormented by bullies, receives a divine visitation. When her angel tells her she can stand up to her tormentors, she does. What will happen when he tells her she can control the world?

Workshop production - Two weeks only!
September 17-19 & 24-26
8:00 pm

UNDER St. Mark's
94 St. Mark's Place between 1st Ave & Ave A
(basement theater; no wheelchair access)

Tickets: Adults $15 / Students & Seniors $10
Call SmartTix, 212-868-4444
or purchase online at
Running Time: 75 minutes

A little girl from America's Heartland is commanded by God to rule the world. Well, not God exactly, an angel. Well, maybe not an angel, more of a ghost. But a famous ghost! Struggling to fulfill her destiny she goes to a radical college, has a career, a husband and a baby, toys with a wide variety of hairstyles (and headbands!), becomes a Democrat, a First Lady and a Senator. She's going to be leader of the world - free or otherwise.


Because it's what God wants.

Chosen continues Dysfunctional Theatre's rich tradition of political and social satire (Hoover: A Love Story, Mr. Rogers' Y2K, Il Duce: The Rudy Giuliani Story). Inspired by the lives of Hillary Rodham Clinton and St. Bernadette of Lourdes, Chosen explores and satirizes politicians and their creation of modern myth in America.

Starring: Robert Brown, Danaher Dempsey, Allison Sell, Amy Oppenheim, Theresa Unfried & Alex Warner

Chosen is Dysfunctional Theatre's 27th production.