The Dysfunctional Theatre Company


Control Freaks in Love
by Rick Vorndran
Under St. Mark's Theater
94 St. Mark's Place
February 14-16 and 21-23, 2000 at 8:00 pm

Control Freaks in Love looks at the complexity, weirdness and sometimes just plain stupidity of modern relationships between women and men in their late 20's.

Barb and Steve have lived together for the last three years. But everything changes when their fun-loving friends Larry and Linda come over for a visit. When both couples decide to break up and "try dating other people", it leads to unexpected -- and often hilarious -- results.

As a fun stylistic hook, Control Freaks in Love is not a straightforward narrative. Rather, it's a series of 11 short vignettes, each one featuring at least one of the lead characters. In one, Barb gets taken to a "self-help" flirting conference. In another, smart-ass Larry takes on the great manipulator himself - Niccolo Machiavelli - in a contest of picking up women. And those are the "normal" stories!

Control Freaks in Love is the ninth production of the Dysfunctional Theatre, who were responsible for such shows as IL DUCE: The Rudy Giuliani Story, and the long-running ALIEN SEX CULT CLONES MADONNA.

Directed by Rick Vorndran
Sound Design: Mark Penner and Rick Vorndran
Costumes and Props: Regina Fischer and the Cast
Assistant Producer: Jennifer G. Marburger
Light and Sound operations: Justin Plowman
Fight Choreographer: Philippe Cu Leong
Special Props and Stage Coordination: Kate VanDevender

Ben Hauck:Steve, High School Boy, Nightclub Dancer
Jennifer G. Marburger:Barb, High School Girl, Nightclub Dancer, Sally
Lena Ajans:Linda, Eve
Philippe Cu Leong:Larry, High School Boy, Dave Reddleman, a DC Monument, Noah Adams, A Waiter, Rich Guy on Street
Jessica Chandlee Smith:High School Girl, Felicia, Jessica, Nightclub Dancer, a DC Monument, Jennifer, Stressed Out Coffee Woman
Kevin Hughes:High School Boy, Chuck's Dad, Jack, Kevin, The Great Nicollo Machiavelli, A Man In Black, Coffee Man
Tanya Wills:High School Girl, Chuck's Mom, Myra, Angela, Tanya, Nightclub Dancer, Nanette, Waiter, Jill, Rich Woman On Street, Bus Woman
Kate VanDevender:High School Girl, Rose, Kate, A.H., a Man in Black, Francine
Dave Solomon:Chuck, Anthony, Dave, R.B., Jerry, a DC Monument, NPR Staffer, Head Waiter, Kyle, Old Jewish Man