The Dysfunctional Theatre Company


Real Live Sex On Stage
by Paul Wells
Under St. Mark's Theater
94 St. Mark's Place
Thursday-Saturday, 8:00 pm:
  November 29-December 1
  December 6-8
  December 13-15
5:00pm matinee December 16th, 2001.
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Do we every really grow up? How does the events of our childhood shape our identities as adults? How does the past color our vision of the present and the future? Real Live Sex On Stage, a comic drama by Paul Wells, tells the story of six men and women in their twenties (both gay and straight) who together share the memory of a tragic event from their childhood; an event that changed their lives and altered their view of sex and sexuality forever. As the twentieth "anniversary" of the event approaches, and the memories begin to surface in the form of nightmares, they each decide to honor the commitment they made to each other to reunite twenty years later, and by doing so, to let go of the past that controls them. In the process, they uncover hidden truths about themselves and each other, often with hilarious results. Real Live Sex On Stage is a humorous yet touching tale that serves to remind us of the magic and the horror that is childhood, and what it truly means to "grow up".

Directed by Paul Wells
Props and Costumes: Claudia Cahill
Sound and Lighting Design: Rick Vorndran
Publicity: Scott Makin
Executive Producers: Kimo Desean, Erez Ziv

Cast: Kevin T. Collins, Michael Earle, Renee Erikson-Farr, Stephen Holliday, Jessica Laulhere, Amy Overman, Nicola Riske, Amy Rush, and Sebastian Sosnowski.