The Dysfunctional Theatre Company


The Quintessence of Debauchery

by Sir John Wilmot, the Second Earl of Rochester
Theater 22

Mondays and Tuesdays
March 22 - April 6, 1999

The Dysfunctional Theatre Company presents the New York premiere of SODOM, or "The Quintessence of Debauchery," written by the infamous Sir John Wilmot, the second Earl of Rochester in 1670. Intended as a scurrilous lampoon of the court of Charles II, the play was so controversial that it was declared "obscene" upon its publication, many of the original manuscripts were destroyed, and public performances were forbidden by law for over two hundred years. Although written during a period famous for bawdy comedies, SODOM is, in all probability, the most shocking, sexually explicit farce in English theatre, and rivals any contemporary piece in its biting political satire, uncompromising honesty, and raw power.

SODOM is directed by Paul Wells, who has remained faithful to the original script while updating the play to comment on the recent political scandals here in the United States. The ensemble cast of (brave) actors includes Amanda Barron, Bob Curren, Will Franken, Tal Gorestsky, Jessica Klein, Jennifer Marburger, Steven Orlikowski, Amy Sherman, Jamie Simmons, and Tim Wersan.

SODOM is the fifth production of the Dysfunctional Theatre Company, who were responsible for such travesties as "IL DUCE: The Rudy Giuliani Story", and the long-running "ALIEN SEX CULT CLONES MADONNA!"

Directed by Paul Wells
Music and Choreography: Paul Wells*
Lyrics: Sir John Wilmot*
Music performed and arranged by William B. Franken**, with assistance from Tim Wersan
Costumes: Paul Wells
Lighting Design and Operation: Adam Chamberlin
Sets: Adam Chamberlin
Scenic Consultant: Eugene Warner

* except "The Men of the Gold Lamé," lyrics by Paul Wells, based on "The Ballad of the Green Berets"
** except "The Men of the Gold Lamé" and "Swan Lake," performed by The Boston Pops under the direction of Arthur Fiedler

Steven Orlikowski:Buggeranthus, General Of The Army
Jamie Simmons: Borastus, Buggermaster-General; Lady Officina, She-Pimp Of Honour
Elliott Kennerson: Pockenello, Pimp, Catamite, And The King's Favourite
Jennifer Marburger: Fuckadilla, A Maid Of Honour
Amy Sherman: Swivia, The Young Princess; Clitoris, A Maid Of Honour; Fiery Demon #1
Tim Wersan: Prickett, The Young Prince; Pene, A Pimp Of Honour; Soldier #3;
Fiery Demon #4
Tal Goretsky: Tooly, A Pimp Of Honour; Virtuoso, Dildo And Merkin Maker To The Court; Soldier #2; Fiery Demon #3
Juliette Mariani: Cunticula, A Maid Of Honour; Fiery Demon #2
William B. Franken: Piano Player; Soldier #1; Messenger Flux, Physician-In-Ordinary
To The King

Sodom, Or The Quintessence of Debauchery was also presented as part of the 1999 New York International Fringe Festival, August 1999, with the following artistic team and cast:

Directed by Paul Wells
Music and Choreography by Paul Wells*; Arrangement for "Gentle Venus" by EM2K
Lyrics by Sir John Wilmot*
Sound and Lighting Design and Operation by Rick Vorndran
Costumes by The Cast
Penises and Vaginas by Paul Wells
Stage Management by Rick Vorndran

* except "The Men of the Gold Lamé," lyrics by Paul Wells, based on "The Ballad of the Green Berets"

Bob Curren:BOLLOXIMIAN, King of Sodom
Jennifer Marburger: CUNTIGRATIA, Queen of Sodom
Steven Orlikowski: BUGGERANTHUS, General of the Army
Kurt Roinestad: BORASTUS, Buggermaster-general
Debra Roinestad: LADY OFFICINA, She-Pimp of Honour
Paul O'Hallaran: POCKENELLO, Pimp, Catamite, and The King's Favourite
CUNTICULA, a Maid of Honour
Paul Wells: FUCKADILLA, a Maid of Honour
Amy Sherman: PENE, a Pimp of Honour
SWIVIA, the young Princess
Eddie Santiago: TOOLY, a Pimp of Honour
CLITORIS, a Maid of Honour
Justin Parke: PRICKETT, the young Prince
James Ferazzi: VIRTUOSO, Dildo and Merkin Maker to the Court
FLUX, Physician-in-ordinary to the King