The Dysfunctional Theatre Company


I Am Star Trek
by Rick Vorndran
At The 2000 New York International Fringe Festival, FringeNYC,
a production of the Present Company
The Henry Street Settlement - Recital Hall,
466 Grand St. (near Pitt St.)

Wed. 8/16 6:15 pm, Fri. 8/18 3:30 pm, Sun. 8/20 Noon,
Tue. 8/22 9:45pm, Thur. 8/24, 8:00 pm, Sat. 8/26 8:00.

He created Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and the starship Enterprise. His optimistic portrayal of the 23rd century inspired millions. But the man responsible for the altruistic vision of Star Trek was far more disturbing than anyone could possibly imagine.

"I Am Star Trek" looks at the man behind the pop culture juggernaut, Gene Roddenberry. Follow the sex-obsessed, drug-addicted, but often-inspired Roddenberry through the heyday of original Trek of the '60's; his subsequent rise to subculture superstardom; and his conniving thievery to form follow-up hit Star Trek: The Next Generation in the late '80's.

"I AM STAR TREK" is the eleventh production of the Dysfunctional Theatre, who is responsible for travesties such as Dario Fo's "WE WON'T PAY, WE WON'T PAY" (directed by Robert Mooney); "IL DUCE: The Rudy Giuliani Story"; "MR. ROGERS Y2K"; "ALIEN SEX CULT CLONES MADONNA"; and "PRINCESS DI'S BRAIN KEPT LIVE IN GRACELAND".

Directed by Paul Wells
Dramaturgy: Robert Mooney
Stage Management and Costume Design: Claudia Cahill
Graphic Design: Jane Regina
Assistant Production: Tracy Wieczorek
Publicity: Bill Rice, Stephanie Goldman, and Rick Vorndran
Sound Design: Mark Penner
Light Design: Ron Fischer
Production Assistance: Jennifer Marburger, Donald Propsom, Scott Finer and Sarah Austin

Alexander Alioto:David Gerrold, NASA Johnny, Bob Butler, various Geeks, James Doohan, Barry Dillar, Paramount Lackey #1, Paul Lynch
Karen Allen:Majel Barrett, Gates McFadden, a Geek, Doctor #1
Stacey Beldom:Paramount, Eileen Roddenberry, Nichelle Nichols, Laurel Goodwin, Sally Kellerman, a Geek, a Next Generation Scriptwriter, Doctor #3
Vincenza Blank:Elyse Rosenstein, NASA Becky, Darleen Roddenberry, Susan Oliver, an Orion Slave Woman, Michael Eisner, Paramount Lackey #2, Geek Brian, Doctor #2
James Ferazzi:Bob Justman, Leonard Nimoy, Barry Dillar
Stephanie Goldman:D.C. Fontana, Lucille Ball, Walter Koenig, Meg Wyllie, Jenna (a Geek)
Steven Orlikowski:Eugene Wesley Roddenberry, Gene Rottenberry, Roto-Rooter, Genie-Pie, Gene-Meister, Gene-O-Rama, Gene-Genie and the Great Bird of the Galaxy
Ken Simon:Leonard Maizlish, William Shatner, DeForest Kelley, Gary Nardino, Michael Dorn and Stan (a Geek)
Todd Woodard:Herb Solow, George Takei, Jeffrey Hunter, James Goldstone, Moses, Little Billy, Robert Wise, Charles Bluhdorn
Actors also play Hollywood techies & directors, heavenly angels, dawn-of-man apes, cackling fires, neebish Star Trek fans, Hollywood ass-kissers, and other lowlife of the known universe. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.