We See Red: The Long & Sordid History of Dysfunctional Theatre & the Red Room

We See Red: The Long & Sordid History of Dysfunctional Theatre & the Red Room

One show only – March 26th @
 8pm!Please join us as we say good bye to one of Dysfunctional’s favorite theaters…


F. Scott Fitzgerald hosts an evening of short plays and songs spanning Dysfunctional Theatre’s countless Red Room performances.
With zombies, reindeer, Barbies, booze and songs. In other words, all the elements of a very Dysfunctional good time. Including scenes from The 8: Reindeer Monologues (featured in Time Out New York), The Dysfunctional Guide to Home Perfection, Marital Bliss and Passionate Hot Romance (winner Sold Out Show & Audience Choice Awards, FRIGID New York 2009),and other Red Room shows, as well as a new mini-episode from Dysfunctional’s serialized play Unlicensed (by Josh Hartung).Starring: Nicole Lee Aiossa, Rob Brown*, Michael DeRensis, Adam Files, Jennifer Gill, Rachel Grundy*, Josh Hartung, Stephen Heske
tt, Cedric Jones, Vivian Meisner*, Cara Moretto, Tom O’Connor, Amy Overman, Amy Beth Sherman* and Theresa Unfried

Directed by Eric Chase, Amy Overman, Justin Plowman & Jazz Schuyler

Tickets: www.smarttix.com or www.horsetrade.info  Use the code REDRUM for $10 tickets!
The Red Room, 85 East 4th St. (between 2nd & 3rd), 3rd Floor, no wheelchair access
AEA Showcase/*appears courtesy of Actors Equity

For more information regarding the closure of the Red Room, please go to www.horsetrade.info